Leena Singh


Name: Leena Singh

Email ID: leena@radiock.com, leena.bedi@gmail.com

Birthday: December 28th

Birth Place: Chandigarh, India

Height: 5’3”

Grew up in: Chandigarh , India

Studied: Comp Sc and Eng, Punjab Eng College, Chandigarh, India

First Job: CEDT, India

Family: In-laws, Sarab(Husband), Keerat(Daughter), Jaspreet(Son), Kirpa(Lil baby)

One Secret: None (that can be shared!)

Favorite quote: Time is Now

Favorite Food: Indian Vegetarian


Q: How did RJing Happen?
A: Immense desire for Gurbani Prachar, Radio seems best media, and less time consuming. Started on 1170am.

Q: What did you want to be as a child?
A: Teacher

Q: Who matters the most to you in your life?
A: People

Q: Do you work out a lot?
A: Very rare

Q: Are you religious?
A: Deeply rooted

Q: Who is your role model?
A: From todays times - Stephen W Hawking

Q: Books?
A: Few Favorite ones: The Alchemist, The Brief history of Time, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Siddhartha(Hermann Hesse)

Q: Movies?
A: Not a big movie fan

Q: Your fashion statement?
A: Wear it with passion, and it will become a fashion

Q: Your Idea of the perfect woman/man ……?
A: Those who have realized

Q: One of your biggest strengths or assets?
A: Love for Gurbani

Q: Do you support any social causes?
A: Many......

Q: When did you have the most fun?
A: Whenever I am playing with kids

Q: Where do you go to holidays?
A: Like Cruising, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico