Jasmine Cheema


Name: Jasmeet cheema

Email ID: Jasmine@radiock.com

Birthday: Feb-11

Birth Place:India

Height: 5

Grew up in: USA

Studied: Cosmetologist

First Job: lol.. hmm Round Table Pizza

Family: Parents and Brother

One Secret: shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I talk to flowers.

Favorite quote: There is no such thing as perfect, but what we see as perfect.

Favorite Food: Thai, Italian

Facebook ID: Glitter Glitzz/ jasmine cheema


Q: How did RJing Happen?
A: It was like opportunity knocked my door, sunshine after the storm, my calling finally found me.

Q: What did you want to be as a child?
A: Lol.. Teacher, counselor

Q: Who matters the most to you in your life?
A: My loved ones Family, friends.

Q: Do you work out a lot?
A: Yes, I enjoy dancing and gym

Q: Are you religious?
A: Yes, it’s all in the faith

Q: Who is your role model?
A: Guru Gobind singh ji

Q: Books?
A: Shopaholic, cooking, and lot others

Q: Movies?
A: Indian and English>> Titanic, and veer zara top of the list.

Q: Your fashion statement?
A: Don’t copy and paste, invent, show inner self you. I prefer, elegant yet trendy.

Q: Your Idea of the perfect woman/man ……?
A: I don’t believe in perfect, I only believe in accepting and adjusting. If you must know, then honest , strong, respectful man.

Q: One of your biggest strengths or assets?
A: My strength lies in my weakness, because that what causes me to be strong and not give up.

Q: Do you support any social causes?
A: Yes

Q: When did you have the most fun?
A: Doing simple things with positive, loving people.

Q: Where do you go to holidays?
A: Paris is fav, but Italy is where I want to go.